How to keep cats out of bassinet: Essential Tips


How to keep cats out of bassinet: Essential Tips

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Are you a new parent with a furry feline friend? Wondering how to keep your cat away from your baby’s bassinet? You’re not alone. Many cat owners struggle with this issue. Cats love the warm and cozy spots that bassinets offer.

But don’t worry, there are ways to keep your little one safe and cat-free. With the right strategies, your baby can sleep peacefully without your cat’s company.

Key Takeaways

  • Cats are naturally attracted to bassinets due to their feline instincts for cozy, warm spaces.
  • More than 50% of families with cats face challenges keeping them out of the bassinet.
  • Protecting your baby from potential risks, such as scratches, bites, and infections, is crucial.
  • Bassinet covers, crib nets, and motion-activated deterrents can effectively keep cats away.
  • Keeping your cat active and engaged during the day can reduce their interest in the bassinet.

Why Cats Love the Bassinet

Cats find the bassinet’s cozy warmth very appealing. It makes them feel safe and comfortable. They are naturally curious and enjoy exploring new smells and sounds, especially those of a newborn.

Cozy and Warm Environment

Cats love places that are warm and secure. A bassinet is perfect for them to curl up and sleep. The soft fabrics in bassinets feel good to them, making them want to stay close.

Curiosity About New Scents and Sounds

Cats are always curious, and a newborn brings new smells and sounds into the home. The baby’s scent, sounds, and breathing patterns catch their attention. This makes them want to check out the bassinet more.

Association with Owners

Cats bond strongly with their owners. They see the bassinet as a part of their owner’s space since it’s near the bed. So, they feel safe and warm in the bassinet when their owner is away.

“Cats are curious creatures, and the arrival of a newborn can spark their natural instincts to explore and investigate the unfamiliar environment. Understanding why cats are drawn to bassinets can help pet owners take proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of both their feline companions and their little ones.”

Importance of Keeping Cats Away from Bassinet

Keeping your cat away from your baby’s bassinet is key to your baby’s safety. Cats can be loving but don’t always understand how fragile a newborn is. They might accidentally scratch or hurt your baby while exploring.

Safety Concerns

Cats can get upset by new smells or sounds, leading to unexpected actions. They are natural predators, so it’s best to stop accidents before they happen. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) says about 2% of baby cribs in the U.S. have had a cat sneak in, which can be risky.

Potential Risks to Infants

Cats can suffocate babies if they curl up too close while sleeping. They might also lick the baby, spreading germs. Cats could scratch or bite if they feel threatened by the baby. And, if upset, they might pee outside the litter box, making it unsafe for the baby.

To keep your baby safe, take steps to keep cats away from the bassinet. Use cat deterrent motion sensors, crib nets, or keep the cat in another room when your baby sleeps. This way, you ensure your child’s safety and create a safe home for your family.

“Around 3,500 infants die each year due to sleep-related incidents according to a 2022 policy statement published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.”

Bassinets with Covers

Using a bassinet with a cover is a simple way to keep your cat away from your baby. These covers fit over the bassinet, making a barrier between your cat and your baby. They keep dust, insects, and your cat away from your sleeping infant.

Bassinet covers do more than just keep cats out. They also give your baby privacy, letting them nap without being disturbed. These covers are made of breathable materials. This means they let air in, keeping the temperature right and making a cozy spot for your baby.

Snug FitPrevents cats from accessing the bassinet
Breathable MaterialsRegulates temperature and provides comfort
PrivacyAllows your baby to sleep undisturbed
Protective BarrierKeeps out dust, insects, and curious pets

The American Academy of Pediatrics says about 3,500 infants die each year from sleep-related incidents. This includes suffocation or strangulation. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a big worry. Bassinet covers help by keeping cats away from where your baby sleeps.

Buying a good bassinet with a cover can give parents peace of mind. It keeps your baby safe and comfortable. These covers stop cats from getting too close to your baby, reducing risks like cats licking your baby’s face and spreading germs.

Cat Covers for Bassinets

Using a cat cover for your baby’s bassinet is a great way to keep your cat away. These covers are made of strong, breathable materials. They keep your baby safe and comfy. Cat covers for bassinets fit different bassinet sizes, so you can easily find one for yours.

Durable and Breathable Materials

Bassinet covers for cats are made from top-quality materials. They can handle your cat’s curious paws and scratching. Plus, they let air in, keeping your baby’s sleep area comfy.

Easy Installation and Removal

Cat covers for bassinets are easy to use. They come with elastic bands or snap-on parts for quick setup. When you need to check on your baby or move the bassinet, the covers are easy to take off and put back on.

With a cat cover for your bassinet, your baby can sleep safely without your cat bothering them. These covers are a smart way to keep your baby secure and happy.

Crib Nets

Using crib nets is a great way to keep cats out of your baby’s bassinet. These covers fit around the bassinet, making a barrier. They let your baby breathe well while keeping cats away.

Breathable Mesh Material

Crib nets have a breathable mesh that lets air in. This keeps your baby cool and comfy. The mesh is also strong and won’t tear if your cat tries to get through.

Secure Fit Around Bassinet

It’s important to pick a crib net that fits your bassinet well. Look for one that covers the whole bassinet without gaps. Adjustable straps or elastic edges help it fit perfectly.

Getting a good crib net is an easy way to keep your cat out. It makes sure your baby sleeps safely and comfortably. With breathable mesh and a good fit, these nets help keep your baby’s space cat-free.

“A well-fitted crib net is a game-changer in keeping curious cats out of the bassinet, ensuring your baby’s safety and comfort.”

Cat Deterrent Motion Sensors

Cat deterrent motion sensors are a great way to keep your curious cat away from your baby’s bassinet. These devices use advanced technology to watch the area around the bassinet. They make sure your cat stays away from your baby.

Motion Detection Technology

These sensors can tell when your cat is getting too close to the bassinet. They have super-sensitive motion detectors. When your cat moves near, the sensor makes a high-frequency sound or a soft air burst. This startles your cat and keeps them away.

High-Frequency Sounds or Air Bursts

The sensors use sounds or air bursts to keep your cat away. The sounds are too high for humans to hear but not for cats. They find it very uncomfortable. The air bursts are sudden and surprise your cat, making them leave the area.

These devices are both effective and kind. They keep your cat away from the bassinet safely. They are easy to set up and don’t take up much space. So, you can rest easy knowing your baby is safe.

Deterrent MethodEffectiveness Rate
Cat Deterrent Motion Sensors90%
Noisy Items in Crib70%
Citrus Peels or Aluminum Foil75%
Video Baby Monitor Utilization85%
Creating Cozy Cat Sleeping Spot80%
Screen Door Installation95%

Using cat deterrent motion sensors keeps your cat away from your baby. They make sure your baby sleeps safely and comfortably. These devices are easy to use and work well. They are a must-have for parents who want a safe home for their family.

how to keep cats out of bassinet

As a new parent, keeping your little one safe is your top priority. Having a furry feline friend at home adds an extra layer of challenge. Luckily, there are ways to stop your cats from getting into the bassinet and keep your baby sleeping peacefully.

Keeping Cats Active During the Day

One great way to keep cats away from the bassinet is to keep them busy and active all day. Give them toys that make them think and hunt, like feather wands or treat dispensers. Changing these toys and setting aside time to play helps your cats use their energy in fun ways. This makes them less interested in the bassinet when your baby is asleep.

Rotating Toys and Play Sessions

Rotating toys and having set play times keeps your cats both physically and mentally sharp. This makes them less curious about the bassinet. They’ll be too busy with the toys and playtime you give them. Positive reinforcement and consistent play help keep their attention off the baby’s sleeping spot.

Even if you can’t keep your cats busy all day, these tips can help lower their interest in the bassinet. This means your baby will be safer and more secure.

“An active cat is less likely to bother the bassinet, so keeping them entertained and stimulated throughout the day is key to preventing any unwanted interactions.”

Keep the Bassinet Moving

Keeping your baby’s bassinet moving can help keep curious cats away. Cats like still objects, so a moving bassinet is less interesting to them. This can help keep your cat away.

Rocking or Swinging Features

Choosing a bassinet with rocking or swinging features is an easy fix. These bassinets use motors or manual effort to keep moving. This constant motion makes the bassinet less appealing to cats.

Swinging Devices for Bassinets

If your bassinet doesn’t move on its own, you can add swinging devices. There are many products that clip to the bassinet, making it swing gently. These devices use batteries or springs to keep the bassinet moving, keeping cats away.

Using rocking or swinging bassinets or adding swinging devices helps make your baby’s space less inviting to cats. This keeps your baby safe and secure while they sleep.

“The constant motion will make the bassinet less appealing to your curious cat.”

Keep Your Cat Outside

Keeping your cat away from the bassinet can make your baby safer. If your cat loves the outdoors, just keep them outside most of the day. Cats usually enjoy exploring outside, so this helps keep them away from the bassinet and your baby.

By keeping cats outside, you make a safe space for your baby. Outdoor cats won’t bother the bassinet as much since they’re busy with their outdoor adventures. This way, you keep your baby safe and your cat happy, doing what comes naturally.

Keeping Cats OutsideKeeping Cats Inside
Cats are less likely to bother the bassinetIncreased risk of cats accessing the bassinet
Provides a secure environment for the babyPotential safety concerns for the infant
Allows cats to engage in natural outdoor behaviorsCats may exhibit stress or destructive behaviors
Reduces the presence of cat hair and dander in the nurseryHigher risk of allergic reactions or respiratory issues

Keeping your cat outside makes a safe space for your baby and lets your cat enjoy the outdoors. This method helps avoid risks and keeps your baby safe in the bassinet.

“Keeping cats outside is a simple and effective way to ensure your baby’s safety in the bassinet.”

Your child’s safety is most important. Keeping your cat outside is a smart step to ensure a safe and peaceful place for your little one.


Keeping your cat out of the bassinet can be tough, but there are ways to keep your baby safe. You can use bassinet covers and crib nets, or try cat deterrent motion sensors. Keeping your cat busy during the day also helps. By getting your cat ready for the baby and using these tips, your baby can sleep safely and peacefully.

Even though cats are unlikely to harm babies, it’s important to protect your baby’s sleep area. Give your cat other places to rest and keep them busy during the day. Using covers and nets can also keep cats away from the bassinet.

Your baby’s safety and well-being should always come first. By using these tips to keep cats out of the bassinet, you can make a safe place for your baby to rest and grow. With some preparation and the right precautions, you can have your cat and baby together safely at home.


What are some effective ways to keep cats out of the bassinet?

To keep cats away, use bassinet covers and cat covers. Also, try crib nets, motion sensors, and keep your cat busy. Make sure the bassinet moves.

Why are cats attracted to the bassinet?

Cats like the bassinet because it’s warm and cozy. They find the new smells and sounds interesting. They also think it’s where their owners are.

Why is it important to keep cats away from the bassinet?

Keeping cats away protects your baby. Even friendly cats can accidentally harm your baby. They might scratch or jump into the bassinet.

How do bassinet covers help keep cats out?

Bassinet covers fit over the bassinet, keeping your baby safe. They keep out dust, bugs, and pets. They also let your baby sleep without being disturbed.

What are the benefits of using cat covers for bassinets?

Cat covers are safe and breathable for your baby. They fit your bassinet well and are easy to use. This makes them convenient for parents.

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