Top 5 Best Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers in 2024

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The joys of parenthood come with a multitude of new experiences, one of which is the world of cloth diapering. This eco-friendly choice offers a host of benefits, but it also introduces new elements to your routine, such as finding the best diaper pail to accommodate the specifics of cloth diapering.

Cloth diaper pails differ from regular diaper pails in their design, odor-trapping capabilities, and ease of use. In this guide, we will explore the important factors to consider when choosing a diaper pail for cloth diapers and recommend five top products that have received glowing reviews from parents.

Top 5 Best Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers in 2024
Top 5 Best Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers in 2024

Understanding Cloth Diaper Pails

A cloth diaper pail is an essential tool in managing the used diapers until laundry day. Unlike regular diaper pails, which often use disposable bags that contain odors well enough, cloth diaper pails need to be completely airtight and often come with odor-neutralizing features. The main challenge with cloth diapers is the potential smell that accumulates over time, making it crucial for a cloth diaper pail to be both sealed and odor-resistant.

Cloth Diaper Pail Features to Look For

When shopping for a cloth diaper pail, you should focus on a few key features:

  • Airtight Seal: This prevents odors from escaping the pail and permeating the room.
  • Large Capacity: A pail that can hold a lot of diapers means fewer trips to the laundry room or outdoor dumping station.
  • Handle or Foot Pedal: This makes one-handed opening more manageable, which is essential when you’re trying to hold a squirming baby in the other arm.
  • Liner Compatibility: Determine whether you need special liners or if the pail can work without one.

How Do They Differ from Regular Diaper Pails?

Regular diaper pails are usually designed to contain a moderate amount of diapers with a smell-locking lid. They require individual plastic bags for containment and are often emptied each time a soiled diaper is added. Cloth diaper pails, on the other hand, have an airtight seal to contain odors and can hold several days’ worth of cloth diapers before needing to be emptied. They also typically do not require individual bags, as the whole pail liner can be removed for washing.

Top 5 Best Diaper Pails for Cloth Diapers

Image Name Details
The Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail This pail is a favorite among parents for its sleek design and unparalleled odor control. The patented technology ensures that, even when opened, no unpleasant odors escape. The pail also boasts a wide opening and a foot pedal, making it practical for busy diaper changes.
Diaper Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail Diaper Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail This pail is another top choice for its hands-free operation and efficient odor control. The double-seal system locks odors in, and the foot pedal makes it easy to open and close with one hand.
Munchkin Step Diaper Pail  Munchkin Step Diaper Pail  This pail is designed with odor control in mind, featuring a combination of lavender-scented baking soda and a self-sealing system. It also has a foot pedal for hands-free use and can hold up to 30 diapers at once.
Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail This compact and affordable diaper pail is a popular choice among budget-conscious parents. It has a simple one-hand operation and can hold up to 50 diapers at once.
Diaper Genie Complete Pail Diaper Genie Complete Pail This pail is a popular choice for its all-in-one design, including an odor-locking system and built-in cutter for easy bag disposal. It also has a foot pedal for hands-free operation and can hold up to 270 newborn diapers at once.

We’ve done the hard work of sifting through the options to present you with five top diaper pails that we believe are excellent choices for cloth diapers.

How to Choose the Right Diaper Pail for Your Needs

Choosing a diaper pail is a personal decision and depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Material and Durability: Decide if you prefer steel, plastic, or another material. Consider the pail’s expected lifespan.
  • Cost and Budget: What are you willing to spend on a diaper pail? Remember to include the cost of accessories like liners if necessary.
  • Space and Convenience: Will this pail fit in the baby’s room, or do you need something more compact or portable?
  • Odor Control: Look for pails with dedicated odor-sealing mechanisms that work effectively with cloth diapers.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Assess how easy the pail is to clean, and consider how often maintenance will realistically occur.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Odor-Free Diaper Pail

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe down the pail at least once a week with a mild, natural cleaning solution.
  • Ventilation: If possible, store the pail in a well-ventilated area to prevent the buildup of odors and bacteria.
  • Odor Neutralizers: Consider using natural odor neutralizers like baking soda packets or essential oil discs within the pail.
  • Be Mindful of Contents: If a diaper is exceptionally soiled, consider transferring it directly to the laundry room or outdoor bin instead of your diaper pail.
  • Routine Maintenance: Check seals and other parts of your diaper pail for wear and tear, and replace them as needed to ensure continued effectiveness.


A high-quality diaper pail can make a world of difference when it comes to containing odors and keeping your baby’s nursery clean. With these top diaper pail options and tips for maintaining cleanliness, you are well on your way to making an informed decision and finding the best solution for your cloth diapering needs.


Do I need a special liner for my cloth diaper pail?

It depends on the type of pail you choose. Some require specific liners, while others can function without one.

Can I use regular plastic bags as liners for my cloth diaper pail?

While it may be possible, it is not recommended.

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